Why Should I Consider a Tenant Representive?

Exactly why would a Tenant want to have a Tenant Representative involved in the transaction? Quite simply, because your tenant representative has a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interest before that of any  other party in the transaction. The Landlord representative has this same relationship with their client, meaning that anything you tell them that helps them be negotiate better terms, they are obligated to tell the Landlord. You wouldn’t just “trust” the other parties lawyer in reviewing legal documents, would you? The Landlord representative has to look out for the Landlord because it is their duty to them legally.

Secondly, having a trusted real estate advisor on your team will save you countless hours of searching. With access to the latest technology,  knowledge of the local market and many times having seen the buildings you are considering, your representative can provide insight into possible pitfalls of a location that you may have otherwise not considered.

Because a tenant representative has no affiliation to a particular Landlord, you may find that you are presented with many more options from many more Landlords in the area than if you deal with a Landlord directly. A Tenant Representative is looking to find you the best space at the best price, regardless of who the Landlord is.

But what about the cost you ask? That’s a great question. While ultimately it is up to you and your Tenant Representative to negotiate the terms of your contract, most often your representative is paid from by the Landlord at lease signing. This means in many cases you can enjoy a premium service without spending anything more than you would have otherwise. When you factor in the possible savings that your representative could negotiate on your behalf, you actually could save money while making the process easier and saving your time.

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